Polo Pants Flare

TINTARELLA DI LUNA SS23 : Like many of the previous collections, this season takes inspiration from eras of the past, subtly referencing the 1960s with silhouettes and fabric choices inspired from the song" Tintarella di Luna".

Like this collection,the song celebrates individuality and beauty brought forth by embracing the moons light. Bold prints usually take centre stage for WLN collections and this season is no exception, however it is the unique variety of luxe new fabrics that make Tintarella Di Luna collection unique as sunbathing in the moonlight.Cotton crochet, breezy metallic threaded tweed and sparkling organza are new additions to the WLN fabric thta make the repertoire, with returning favourites of vibrant sequins, luxurious linens and silky blends forming a perfect summer capsule for all occasions. With a glistening colour palette of sherbert & sunset hues - neon pinks, soft watercolour washes, crisp creams and sparkling metallics - which will take you from daytime to a shining star at night  ⭐️

With love,
Tracey x