Our partnership with the QBI

 We are so proud to partner with the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland to assist in raising funds for their incredibly important  research work into Alzheimer’s disease.
Recognising the enormous community impact of Alzheimer’s disease, QBI established a research centre in 2011, focused on understanding dementia with the aim of developing effective therapies.  That foresight led to QBI’s therapeutic ultrasound breakthrough discovery, published in 2015, demonstrating that ultrasound can clear the toxic proteins that are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease from the brain in animal models.  Since that time, the team has been working through the biological and engineering challenges to develop a prototype device and treatment approach which will, once the technology is ready, be taken to human trials.  

In addition to its extremely promising ultrasound technology, the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research is home to research to better understand the healthy brain and to understand what changes in dementia. This research, which has attracted talented researchers from around the world to Brisbane, aims to identify new treatment targets and even preventative approaches to reduce the impact of dementia and, vitally, to improve health outcomes for those living with dementia.  

A key barrier to success in this project is funding. Like fashion and retail, working in science is tough. It’s competitive and, now, more than ever, drastically under-funded. So researchers need the support of the community.

This partnership close to Tracey’s heart. When her mother, Vonnie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Tracey dedicated her time to providing her with respite care and felt the full of effects and impacts of the disease on her family and those that loved her mother.

From this feeling grew the decision that Tracey would find a way to make a difference into research for the disease, with the hope that her help could somehow make an impact. To reflect this, White Label Noba committed to an annual fundraising goal of $30 000 which will support a PhD student for a year.


Dementia Action Week 2023 is from 18-24 September, which includes World Alzheimer’s Day on Thursday 21 September. This year’s theme is Act Now for a Dementia-Friendly Future and with this in mind, White Lable Noba is excited to launch Candles for a Cause.


Candles for a Cause are exclusively made candles and diffusers in honour of family members or loved ones who have passed from a brain disorder such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The candles are made from 100% Australian soy wax, weigh 400grams with 50 hours burn time. They are locally made by Bronwyn, whose father Barry who passed from Dementia in 2021.


Each candle and diffuse has a fragrance to reflect the personality of family members and outlines the beautiful legacy they have left, along with White Label Noba’s commitment to supporting a QBI PhD student. The boxed candle and diffusers contains a small ‘thank you card’ outlining WLN’s partnership with QBI and importantly, that 100% of the sale profits are donated to QBI.


You can Act Now for a Dementia-Friendly Future and assist White Label Noba support the QBI by purchasing a Candle for a Cause candle or diffuser online or by visiting the Hawthorne Boutique at 1/121 Riding Road Hawthorne. For more information visit www.whitelabelnoba.com


Alternatively, you can donate in memory of Tracey’s mother, Vonnie Healy. Simply visit this link and click “other with “QBI: Vonnie Healy” in the reference. 


QBI: For more information on QBI’s dementia research or to arrange a tour contact Andrea Markey, Deputy Director, Advancement on 0403054837 or a.markey@uq.edu.au

See more of their work here https://qbi.uq.edu.au/